RoundGlass Sustain

Launching RoundGlass Sustain, a digital platform for stories and visuals on India's wildlife and habitats.

Product Cycle Stage



Nikhil Singh and Harshdeep Singh



RoundGlass Sustain

RoundGlass Sustain is a media-rich resource in the natural world of India. It seeks to create a comprehensive record of the country's species and ecosystems. A treasure trove of images, videos, and wildlife information, it will tell stories about India's biodiversity, the creatures that live in it, and the habitats that support them.

This platform will enable people to learn about and discover the magnificence and diversity of nature in their own backyard. By creating a globally accessible repository of information, RoundGlass Sustain hopes to foster greater respect and affection for all things wild. By demonstrating why the environment and all living species are so special, this project will encourage people to act to protect the Earth's richness and diversity. This effort to spread knowledge and public awareness is seen as a step to increase the protection of the natural world, promote sustainability, and stop the decline of species and wild habitats.


  • Work with the RG Sustain team to understand their needs and improve designs based on their input.

  • Design a visually appealing UI, that works well on mobile and tablet devices.

  • Support the development team by listening to their needs and providing design and UI dev support.

The RoundGlass Sustain Platform

The designs shown below are an exploration of how the platform would look with the new RoundGlass branding elements such as fonts, logos, colors, etc. This was also an opportunity for me to suggest new ideas that can improve the user experience and drive engagement.

Home Page

This page aims to engage users by presenting top-notch content and is meant to be updated regularly so returning users find something new every time.


Sustain Home Page

Entice the user with strong and beautiful visual imagery.

Listing Pages


Conservation Stories

Photo Stories



Navbar switches to "search mode" to provide a focused and immersive search experience.

Navigation - Search Mode

Search Results Dropdown

Search Results Page

Filter Dropdown

Story Pages



Video Story

Green Humour

Reading Mode Navigation

Navbar switches to "reading mode" when the user scrolls on a story page. The navigation bar in this state shows the user's progress within the page and provides options for sharing the story.

Navigation - Default

Navigation - Reading mode

Contributor Profile and Sustain Ambassador

Profile pages for Sustain Contributors and Sustain Ambassador Dhritiman Mukherjee.

Contributor Profile

Sustain Ambassador - Dhritiman Mukherjee

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