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April 2021 - Present


Designer and Prototyper


Vishy Thiagarajan

About Nference

Nference is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company that develops biomedical research tools used by scientists at Nference and other medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Nference works with medical centres to transform decades of rich, but predominantly unstructured data captured in electronic medical records into powerful solutions that enable scientists to discover and develop the next generation of personalised diagnoses and treatments for patients worldwide.

Nferx Note Taking Chrome Extension

I worked on designing a Chrome extension that allows users to easily capture, edit, and save notes on a selected block of text. The extension leverages the power of the Nferx entity extraction service (a text markup technology) to identify keywords and ranks them based on their occurrence in the actual text.

For this project, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Praveen Kumar, a clinical scientist at the company, to understand the requirements and bring this idea to life. We presented this concept to the leadership team and received great feedback. This project is currently in the development pipeline and is expected to go live sometime in 2022.

Notes editing view - Appears when the extension is triggered after text selection

My Notes listing page

Notes expanded view

Editing menus

Snapshot of style guide and components

Kedro Datapipeline Designer

The engineering and research team at Nference deal with massive amounts of data on a daily basis. One of the most common use cases that data engineers face is creating data pipelines (a series of actions that take raw data from different sources and bring the data to a destination for storage and analysis). Previously, data pipelines were created manually through code.

We wanted to develop an application that allows users to create data pipelines through a graphical user interface. I had the opportunity to work with the technical team responsible for data pipelines to understand the requirements. And after several brainstorming sessions and iterations, we were able to come up with a design that met the expectations of the data team and leadership.

All pipelines listing page

Block Inputs Right Panel

Block type selection modal

Pipeline basic info

All past pipeline runs

Snapshots from some other projects

During my 9 months at Nference, I had the opportunity to work with several senior engineers and internal scientists to launch or improve 15+ products. And it was not uncommon for me to work on 3-4 projects at the same time. This taught me a lot about how to prioritise and manage multiple milestones and projects efficiently. Below are snapshots of some of the projects I worked on

Patient Timeline - Representing a patients’ medical history in a timeline

Nferx Entity Extraction Chrome Extension

Exploration of UI patterns for filter/settings in adverse events app

Redesign of sample selection in RNA Explorer App

Redesign of Entity Extraction Service App

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