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Designing an event and networking app for RoundGlass Learn Summit 2020.

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RoundGlass Learn Summit

RoundGlass Learning Summit 2020 in Jaisalmer was held to bring together the world's most progressive thinkers and doers in learning and wellbeing to collaborate, inspire, inform and create the learning ecosystems of the future. The event aimed to build a community of like-minded people who think more holistically about education and learning.

About the Project

The design and engineering teams were tasked with creating an app that would meet all the needs of the hosts and attendees before, during, and after the event. Within 2 weeks, I was able to work with the product and event organization team to identify focus areas and come up with an MVP design. The secondary goal was to create a library of components that could be used in all future RoundGlass events. The main functionalities of the event app were as follows :

Accessing Event Information

Users can access all necessary event information such as schedule, venue details, directions, etc. before and during the event.

Registering for Sessions

Users can register for sessions they want to attend by adding them to their agenda.

Creating Agenda

Users can create their agenda and receive reminders for their sessions so they can keep track of their schedule during the event.


Users can find all attendees in the app and send them an invitation to connect. They can interact with other participants in a public feed or in private chats.

Accessing Resources

Users can access all useful resources, presentations, study and reference materials from the event through the app.

Click-through Prototype

A basic click-through prototype of the event app was presented to the event team and stakeholders.

The Learn Summit App


From here, users can access all key event-related information (program, agenda, attendees, venue information, etc.).


Users can share thoughts, opinions, and resources with the rest of the community in a public feed.


Users can send private messages to people in their network.


Users receive notifications about upcoming sessions, new activity in their feed, invitation for connection etc.


Users can set up their profiles to showcase their background and expertise.

Welcome and Onboarding

We take this as an opportunity to familiarize users with the main features of the app.


The "Home" tab serves as a central point of access to all event-related information.

Event Program and My Agenda
Hosts and Attendees

Users can search for an attendee and filter the list by expertise.

Adding a Post
Notifications and Rating a Session
Loading screens
Snapshots of our UI Kit

We defined a very basic UI kit with reusable components in Sketch that we can fall back on if an app is needed for a future RoundGlass event.

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