Lost deep in the interwebs, I came across a study that suggested that millennials now more than ever, are interested in investing in life experiences like travelling, adventure etc, than they are in buying cars or apartments or for that matter, most of the so called materialistic things.

According to Brightside, research show that millennials, especially those that are between 30 and 35 years old, rarely buy houses and cars anymore. As a matter of fact, they don’t buy super expensive things in general.

Houses or cars are no longer a measure for success. You’ll be considered more successful when you invest in experiences such as traveling or building startups which enhance and enrich the value of life. Research conducted over past years suggest that investing in new experiences adds much more value to over all happiness and well being.
The idea
Intrigued by what I had learned that day, I decided to look up further on what I, as a designer can do to create an environment that supports this ideology. I wanted to make something that would help millennials in reaching their newly invented measure for a happy life. Something which would push them in living the life experiences they always wanted to live. The question I was constantly asking myself was- If I were to do a bunch of things that make me happy, how would I start? What would I do? and that finally became the problem I was going to solve.

Another weekend booked for a fun design project.
Identifying the problem statement
What do you do, when you have to get a bunch of things done without forgetting any of them?

I’ll tell you my answer. Make a list of all the tasks and put it in a place where you can see it at all times. You agree, right?

Would the same solution work if I made a list of all the things that I would love to do and plan them throughout my life?
“Yes”, came from within. And that’s because when you do the same thing day in and day out, life can get old. You start to just go through the motions where you aren’t really living; it’s more like you’re just merely existing and surviving in this odd world. But, when you have a list in front of you of all the things you want to do between now and the day you die (which is hopefully a long way down the road), it can help motivate you to get those things done. It creates an excitement deep in your soul. It grabs the passion you thought you have lost and brings it back to the surface with renewed vigor.

‘Someday’ can simply be defined as a to-do list for life. The user gets to come up with the things he wish to do in their life and add them to his bucket.
The approach-Visual Imagery and Psychology
I read a study some time ago [Source] where a telecommunications company, Orange, carried out a study of the effects of photographs on people for an online album they were creating as part of a marketing campaign. The study, carried out by Peter Naish, a doctor of psychology at the Open University, found that viewing these photographs, consistently lifted people’s mood by 11% – this was compared to the 1% increase in mood by groups who attempted to eat, listen, watch, drink or eat their way to feeling better. It affected relaxation too.
App elements
Landing page
Landing page contains small demo’s and descriptions of all app features and with a strong focus on visual imagery.
The number of wishes a user can enter was restricted to 5 because I wanted users to really some thought into their wishes.
Add a wish
Wish fulfilled
A ‘wall of fame’ kind of concept for people who checked an item off of their wishlist.
The images are slowly moving and show the accomplished wish on hover.
Experiences to put simply is a blog section. It’s a collection of articles written by users who checked an item off the bucketlist and had an amazing story to tell out of it.
This section would serve not only as a content creation and sharing zone that would make the user keep coming back to the app, but also as a source of motivation. The thought behind this was that if people accomplish something and share their stories, it might make other users also feel inspired.
In the end , I was happy with how the overall project turned out. Just the mere fact that you are committing your goals or dreams to paper increases the likelihood that they’ll be met. It has been proven time and again through various studies and research projects.
When you take something that is nothing more than a tangible idea and reduce it to black and white, it suddenly becomes a reality. It’s given a greater importance in your mind’s eye and you’re more likely to make it happen than if you just leave it up in thin air
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