Sitting bored in a class, I was going through an article that showcased some of must have chrome extensions. The article had some really nice ‘new tab’ concepts.
This got me thinking, What would I do if I had to design a chrome extension for new tab? What things would I have in my version? What would the overall composition be like?
After finishing the lecture, I left the classroom with a couple of initial thoughts and tried to read up about chrome extensions and user behavior around new tab.
After spending some time trying to get some insights, I understood that the user experience for opening up a new tab in browsers is somewhat lacking. Users are greeted by an intimidating, blank canvas with no hint of what to do. The ‘new tab’ page is something you probably look at for a lot more time than you think every day, so why not put it to work or get it to do something other than just show new tabs?
I found this study by Mozilla UX where they ran a study for 5 days and collected 256,282 valid responses. Results of the study show that on average each user daily:
Also, this info graphic showed how users navigate from a new tab page.
The idea
I wanted the new tab to be functional and to serve a one stop shop for my internet. Something which felt really simple yet attractive. Something which is functional and also holds a strong character. Something I would love to tell my friends about.
After visiting various popular chrome extensions I listed out a set of features that would suite user needs and create a complete newtab experience :
In the end, I was extremely satisfied with how the complete project came along both visually and functionally. With availability of so many resources and data to support my decision, this turned out to be really fun experience.
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