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3 month design internship project with India’s largest food-tech startup




Product Design Intern


Ashish Goel

Internship at Zomato

I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship during the summer of 2017 with the Product Design team at Zomato. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with some of the coolest professionals and to contribute towards the growth of one of the top startups in India.

About the Project

After having worked on a bunch of small projects, I joined the web app design team on their ongoing redesign mission. It was the best project I could have hoped for as we were working on something which was going to be used by millions of people around the globe.

We kick started the project by doing some user research for identifying the focus areas for our project and list out all things which could be improved. We brainstormed over the outcomes of the user research and got a basic idea of how we should be approaching this project.

We tried to make sure we had enough context about everything and take into consideration all the ideas that other members of the product and design team had. We had weekly meetings with Deepinder Goyal (Founder and CEO) where we got to know his vision and get feedback on the work we were doing. These meetings were a source of great personal growth as I got to know more about how various design decisions were affecting the business.

During this time we touched on various sections in the website like static pages, business pages, developer pages, payments, and covered products like Zomato Gold and table reservation.

Key Screens from the Redesign

Zomato Gold

At the time, Zomato gold was only available in 3 cities across the globe and the primary business goal for the redesign was to increase gold subscriptions. Some key feedback that we received from the founder and gold team were :

  • Clearly communicate the offering so that users can easily understand what they are purchasing

  • Provide easily discoverable touch-points for the users to get into gold purchase flow.

  • Gold should have a unique and premium look and feel to it.

Select City

How Zomato Gold Works

Landing Page

Gold Member

Select Plan

Table Reservation

Based on our discussions with the TR team, we identified the experience after booking form submission can be made more engaging and useful. This was an opportunity for us to experiment and surface information points like ‘most popular dishes’, ‘restaurant highlights’, ‘restaurant service’ while the user waits for the booking confirmation.

Booking Form

Table Reservation - Waiting for confirmation

Retrieving Booking Status

Booking Confirmed

Booking Denied


Payment screens that work for all Zomato offerings(Online order, Gold, Treats).

Saved Cards

New Credit or Debit card

Net Banking


Cash on Delivery

Static Pages

We started out the redesign exercise by covering Zomato static pages to test out the new UI kit and get initial feedback on the overall look and feel.

Download App

Security at Zomato

404 Page


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