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Redesigning the RoundGlass Collective platform for enhancements and new features.

Product Cycle Stage

Introduction, Growth.


Mandi Fu, Michael Powers, and Harsh


Under stakeholder review

RoundGlass Platform

RoundGlass is a socially conscious, global organization that aims at reimagining the journey of wellbeing and meaningful living through interactive experiences, cutting-edge applications, and captivating content. Their mission is simple, yet ambitious: to create a vibrant wellness ecosystem by investing in new technology, sharing knowledge, and ensuring that human beings are always at the very center of our approach.

The current RoundGlass corporate website

RoundGlass Collective platform audit

RoundGlass Collective is a platform that enables wellbeing communities to engage through content and experiences.

In May of 2020, the new RoundGlass branding was unveiled internally and the discussions of a platform overhaul had already started. The product and design teams were also made aware that we are going to launch ‘RoundGlass’ as a wellbeing platform where users can buy premium subscriptions that will allow them to interact and learn from the worlds leading wellbeing experts. This meant that we had to merge the corporate website and collective platform and reimagine them as a single entity. We had to rethink the navigation in our platform and come up with a design for a content and community-centered platform with a membership offering. We also took this as an opportunity to find gaps in the existing experience and work towards improving them.

Collective Platform Walkthrough


  • Design Audit : to identify gaps in existing experience and find out opportunity areas for improvement.

  • Competitive analysis : Study existing content, community, and experiences based platforms to find out the best practices.

  • Empathy interviews : Analyse the outcome of empathy interviews conducted by PMs to understand new requirements and improvement suggested by different collective teams(Thali, meditation, etc).

  • Come up with visual explorations and get feedback from the product team and our founder to pick the best elements from each exploration and combine them to lay out the foundations of our style guide.

Design Audit

Outcome from design audit

Goals for the redesign

Key Focus Areas for the redesign on our design audits and feedback from our founder :

Improve navigation

Users should be able to navigate between different collectives and content pages easily.

Enhance content pages

The content pages should be visually appealing and provide a great consumption experience.

RoundGlass branding

Introduce new RoundGlass branding elements into the new design. The overall aesthetic of the platform should be modern and delightful.

Increase signups

The touch-points for the users to get into signup or subscription purchase flow should be easy to discover and access.

Set up a design system

Define a design system in sketch for the collective platform to keep consistency in our visual language and work with the engineering team in solidifying the design system into reusable react components.

Key screens from the new design concept


The Home page showcases RoundGlass collectives and content generated in them. This page is highly curated and is meant to be updated daily for returning users.

RoundGlass Home Page - Guest

RoundGlass Home Page - Member

Navigation Dropdowns

The navigation has quick links for users to explore RoundGlass collectives and content listing pages.

Collectives dropdown

Explore Dropdown

Profile Dropdown

Listing Pages

The listing page is divided into sections to assist the users in exploring the content.

Guided Meditation



Collective Pages

The collective pages have a left menu that has links to navigate within a collective.

Thali Collective

Meditation Collective

End of Life Collective

Listing Pages in a Collective

The listing pages in a collective follow the same listing and interaction patterns as global listing pages to provide a consistent experience.

Thali - Recipes

Thali - Articles

Thali - Masterclasses

Thali - Community

Content Pages

The content pages are enhanced for a better consumption experience.



Guided Meditation



User feed is. redesigned to better use the real estate and help the user quickly navigate to their collectives and discover more collective members.

Global Feed

Switch feed dropdown

Feed - Thali


Profile - About

Profile - Activity

Voyager and Premium

Design concepts for Voyager app marketing page and premium subscription details page.

Voyager App

RoundGlass Premium

Company Pages

Design concepts for Voyager app marketing page and premium subscription details page.

About Us

Our Founder


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